The AtomDB iPad app was written for version 1 of the iPad. Due to updates required to the software to satisfy new iOs requirements, the app is no longer functioning for current iPads. Due to resource constraints and the likelikhood that continuous updates will be required in the future, there is no current plan to bring it back.

Instead, we have developed an online portal for generating spectra and looking at the important lines present. We welcome feedback on the new app.


ATOMDB for iPad

For iPads running iOS v5.1 or later, a free iPad version of the ATOMDB database browser is available from Apple's app store.

View emission lines in a graphical display, or a tabular format as shown here:

View strong emission lines organized by temperature group, here in graphical format:

Or select ions and view specfic level transitions in detail:

See the downloads page to download the Objective C source code for the iPad application.