AtomDB Work week and Workshop, 29th October-2nd November 2018

The seventh AtomDB Workshop is being held at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA from the 29th October-2nd November 2018.

The workshop brings together producers of atomic data, both theoretical and experimental, with the users of atomic data relevant to X-ray astronomy. The workshop aims to identify progress in the Lab Astro field which is directly relevant to X-ray astronomy, show how to use this data to observers, and to show the results of using the atomic physics to analyze astrophysical spectra.

On the Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st we will hold our work-week. During these we meet informally in the morning with people who wish learn in detail about AtomDB, or to collaborate on larger projects with us. This can be an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the AtomDB project, atomic physics, and spectroscopy. We then break into smaller groups during the day to advance these projects. The workshop, which begins on Thursday, will feature more formal talks, tutorials and (depending on demand) poster sessions.

Previous AtomDB workshops have proven to be a fruitful place for developing new analysis techniques, refining proposals for new laboratory measurements, and simply building new collaborations. We especially encourage those who would like to work with the AtomDB team or other attendees on atomic data problems connected to astrophysics, whether it be incorporating new data into the database, identifying new data needs, or learning how to use the existing models to analyze astrophysical data.

Registration is now closed, although all are welcome to attend the workshop talks on November 1st. These will take place in the Pratt conference room at the CfA, 60 Garden St, Cambridge. The talk schedule is now available (last updated: 12:54pm 10/31/18).