High Energy Astrophysical Model Comparison Workshop

August 8th-12th, Leiden, Netherlands

High resolution astrophysical models require high precision atomic data and accurate models to convert these into useful spectra. However, there are differences between the currently existing models generated by different spectral analysis groups. This workshop will bring together developers of these different models and programs to identify, and if possible quantify:

The High Energy Astrophysical Model Comparison Workshop will bring together atomic theorists, modelers and users from a range of different groups to compare the results of these models and, if possible, improve upon them. The goal of the workshop is to produce reference spectral models which can be used to compare models between different projects and/or versions of the same project, quantifying the differences. As an example, we are initially considering the following models:

  1. Fe K in collisional plasma: V1223 Cen - Magnetic accreting WD. Use cooling flow plus neutral absorber.
  2. Fe K in photoionized plasma: NGC3783 - Typical AGN
  3. Complex NEI model: Cas A - pick a typical region - T, NEI parameters and do that
  4. High Resolution Absorber: Galactic and local absorption - 4Uxxx or Cyg X-2
  5. CIE plasmas: Perseus core with some assumed turbulence
  6. Charge Exchange: solar wind

Attendance at this event is free due to the kind sponsorship of our hosts, the Lorentz Center. Due to the size of the venue and the goal of making this a productive working week (as opposed to a week of presentations), attendance is capped at 25 people. If you would like to know more/receive an invitation, please contact us for more details.

Please note that this is not the regular AtomDB workshop, although due to time and budget constraints there will be no regular workshop this year. If you wish to join us in the Netherlands to discuss other AtomDB topics we will certainly be available, either during or immediately after the workshop.